Content Management

So, you’ve got a ton of content – articles and white papers, videos and photos, infographics and ebooks. When you post them, you need them to look the way you wanted – without having to do a bunch of extra formatting to keep the design of your website consistent.

That’s no small order. So who, exactly, is going to manage all that content…. An even more importantly – does it mean that you’re going to need to call your agency, webmaster, or some other technical person (who’s not cheap) to do it?

Nahhhh… That’s ok. We’ve got you covered. The right Content Management System (CMS) makes the job of managing all that content a whole lot easier. Your people can still do what needs to be done without having to send them for a bunch of training that they don’t have time for... And your budgets don’t get squeezed by having to pay for that training or bringing on a bunch of geeks – who may or may not understand your business.

An intuitive CMS keeps your content safely out of the way so that your web design stays exactly the way you want it to look. It removes the “screw up” factor so that even if something happens (and you know it does), you can fix, add, change or delete… and even see who made the mistake to begin with. You can even control who can make changes to what pages so that you always know the right people have access to the right pages – thus limiting the potential for even more screw ups.

Just think: a content management system that keeps technical skills out of the equation so that literally anyone could manage your website (no “master” necessary.)

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