Our Work

INGLOT Cosmetics

INGLOT Company was established over 25 years ago by Wojtek Inglot, a young chemist working at that time in R&D department in a pharmaceutical company. All Inglot cosmetics are produced within the European Union and 95% of them are manufactured in other company’s state of the art production facilities.

Inglot works with make-up artists and color consultants to bring the latest trends in color, texture and form to the market. The company is constantly developing new products, and is present in over 400 retail locations worldwide.

Nobu Hospitality

We have the pleasure of designing and developing all websites for the new global collection of Nobu Hotels. The Nobu Hotels and Residences maintain the same strong principles as the acclaimed Nobu restaurants, with its strong international following that includes celebrities, and tastemakers.

This collection of luxury hotels will span the same geographic footprint as the restaurants, with locations in Las Vegas, London, Riyadh, and Bahrain.

HR Pharma

The HR® brand has been an industry icon throughout the medical world for 80 years. The mission to bring HR Lubricating Jelly back to market began in April of 2007 after a five-year hiatus. The HR Brand has been in commerce since 1931.

HR Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a Delaware registered corporation headquartered in York, PA. The HR Lubricating Jelly cherished by Medical Professionals and Consumers became available to the U.S. market again in the fourth quarter of 2010. HR Pharmaceutical, LLC relaunched the product utilizing the history of this famous trademark in 2009.


Mercader.com is considered the Amazon.com of Panama. With its massive ecommerce site, clients can choose from thousands of products to buy. By nature, the site is built on a robust foundation and structure, however, the site remains light and easy to use.

As Mercader continues to grow, the website’s flexibility will allow them to keep adding products and functionalities keeping them ahead of the curve.

Titan Natural Focus

Founded in 2013, Miami-based Titan Natural Focus was built on the company’s commitment to making a difference in their customers’ lives. A wholly natural drink, Titan Natural Focus boosts the immune system and nourishes the body with a blend of all natural, proprietary ingredients, vitamins and minerals.

With zero calories, the drink is naturally sugar-free and void of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives, creating a reliable, sustained focus that lasts for hours without sudden jittery spikes.

Funding Wonder

One of the biggest reasons why small businesses fail is due to the lack of adequate funding needed to make their businesses thrive. But through consolidation, the regional banks who often made these smaller loans available, have disappeared ... and along with them, the smaller loans that the national banks aren’t really interested in.

With a passion for making small businesses successful, Funding Wonder understands the importance of small business to our economic growth. Bypassing the middle man, the Funding Wonder Marketplace connects quality small businesses looking for capital directly with accredited investors looking for reliable alternatives to better returns in a trusted, easy to use marketplace.

FirstFit by VIAX

Bridges and crowns have historically required numerous steps and several appointments. But FIRSTFIT™ shrinks the time normally required to create crowns and bridges -- something appealing to both dentists and their patients.

Delivering advanced, minimally invasive preparations, FIRSTFIT™’s ground breaking processes eliminate the prepping appointment, and delivers a more efficient, with less invasive experience – as well as aesthetically appealing results.

The Pop Icon

For youth, adolescents and young adults, Molly Pop™ Light-Suckers are designed to bring attention to the social causes and interests they are passionate about – and themselves.

Available in a variety of fashion forward colors and fun flavors, Molly Pop™ glowing suckers turn people who care into “Pop Icons” and shining beacons of good taste.

Finka Realty

Passionate about real estate, Finka Realty Group is a full service company committed to customer satisfaction. Providing both selling and buying assistance, the expert team provides a wide range of sales and marketing services for both domestic and international clients.

From helping individuals find their dream home to providing developers with complete service and support throughout the entire building and sales process, Finka brings deep understanding and experience of today’s real estate market.

Elements Accounting

Elements Accounting provides professional accounting and bookkeeping services, specializing in small businesses. With personalized interest and service, Elements allows entrepreneurs to focus on building their business – often built on their own unique talents and passions.

Like their clients, Elements is passionate about bookkeeping, and provides the bigger picture clients need to do long range planning. When every cent counts – Elements provides the expertise to help entrepreneurs make the best decisions for their businesses.

Homer Bonner Jacobs

Homer Bonner Jacobs (HBJ) is a boutique litigation firm in Miami, founded in 1986. For over two decades, the firm has grown steadily by holding fast to its principles and providing an unwavering commitment to excellence. HBJ offers big-firm talent with a personal touch. The reputation of Homer Bonner Jacobs is built on its work-product and the quality of the lawyers they attract.

HBJ attorneys are graduates of top national law schools, and are regarded as skilled professionals who build compassionate, attorney-client relationships.


AQUARIUS is a beach-to-street line constructed for water-loving, fashion-forward women who crave look-at-me styles in vibrant colors and unexpected fabric combinations. AQUARIUS is a fresh take on traditional beachwear, guaranteeing an eclectic vibe that embodies downtown style and beach culture.

It is created and brought to life in Miami Beach, FL. The line is the brainchild of designer and sought-after stylist, Daniella Ivana Sredni. She was born under the astrological sign of Aquarius and each of her designs is free-spirited, innovative, and edgy - perfectly reflecting the characteristics of her sign.