How To Market Legal Help

Posted: 4/19/2016
Author: Marcin Ladowski

One of our clients, 1800 Injured, helps people who have suffered an injury in a car accident and need a Miami car accident lawyer to help them pursue the compensation that they deserve. Marketing for legal clients like this can be difficult, both because of the saturation of the market on the internet, and because of the dry nature of the material.

Getting people’s attention on behalf of your legal client isn’t easy, but it can certainly be done. Here are a few important tips and tricks to keep in mind…

Provide Interesting Content

Simply telling people the same spiel that you typically hear on the radio about “if you’ve been injured, call us today” isn’t going to get a lot of hits on the internet. To grab people’s attention on facebook, other social media, or the web in general, you’ll need to offer more interesting and universally applicable information.

That means talking about safety, the law, and customers in a way that’s easily relatable and has something to do with everyday life. For example, an infographic about how many people in your home state drive drunk, suffer serious injuries, and injure innocent bystanders would capture a lot more attention than a bland “don’t drink and drive” message.

Raise Legal Awareness

Most people never think about the law until they’re already in trouble and they need to. This is a backwards approach to the justice system that can seriously get in the way of getting the system to work for you.

As a legal professional, it’s in your client’s interest, and it makes interesting content, to talk about what to know about the law before anything goes wrong.

It’s All About How Your Frame It

Legal information that’s communicated needs to be relatively simple, and needs to catch people’s attention by framing it in a more relatable way.

We know that we’re likely to get into some sort of car accident at some point in life, so we’re pretty likely to be interested in something about “what to know before you get into an accident”. A more dry article about what’s legally required to force an insurance company to accept your claim could contain the same information, but wouldn’t draw a lot of attention.

Marketing for a legal audience isn’t that different from other marketing in that it’s all about the audience. The real trick is accessing and simplifying the opaque legal world to appeal and shed light on how it’s relevant to the audience every day, rather than just in court.

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