Introducing MARC Institute

Posted: 3/21/2016
Author: Marcin Ladowski

This month we started work on our new medical client, MARC Institute. The Miami Anatomical Research Center Institute is a world class learning and research facility that is dedicated to updating and developing the skills and experience of orthopedic surgeons and medical professionals from all over the world.


The institute offers classes that are being developed in collaboration with hospitals, universities, and medical groups from all over the world. In June they’ll be offering a multi-day arthroscopy course for shoulder and knee arthroscopy. Unlike a lot of other institutions with similar goals, MARC offers a huge amount of hands-on training in their amazing wet lab facility. Only 15% of the course is lecture, with the other 85% of the time dedicated to providing actionable experience on real fresh frozen cadavers.


MARC Institute is currently working to get their courses internationally accredited with a wide range of universities and hospitals. Check back for more information on that on their site.


Besides offering courses for professionals looking to improve their skills, MARC also offers the resources and personnel support for cutting edge research. With access to their cadaver lab, teams of medical professionals can quickly raise and answer questions to help them move their research along. Moreover, ready access to the hundreds of relevant peers also using the facility makes peer feedback and dissemination of new research a snap.

Patent Development

Another important category in this line of work is medical device development. MARC institute offers direct support to people developing new medical innovations. They help people to develop their ideas, to create prototypes, troubleshoot problems, submit a patent application, and finally even to negotiate with big businesses and medical facilities for the sale and distribution of the invention.


Patent development is a herculean task for any individual person, especially one whose main job isn’t in patent law, but in medicine.


For more information about this world class medica facility, be sure to check out their website at MARC.Institute 

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