Keeping Medical Marketing Ethical

Posted: 2/17/2016
Author: Marcin Ladowski




Marketing for clients that offer medical products or services is a balancing act for marketers, since we're not health professionals, but are still expected to fluently write about these topics. It's important to know what kinds of topics a marketing writer can focus on to ensure that our work is ethical and especially not potentially harmful to anyone.

The most important way to keep things on the straight and narrow is to focus on uncontroversial information and well-known products, and to ensure that readers know to always consult a doctor before taking any product that has known side-effects, or dosage limitations. Here's a few examples of products we can talk about for our client, Nutrients Best, without posing any potential health risks for readers, and while protecting us and our client from making false health claims.



Iron for Energy

People who are chronically exhausted can often treat their symptoms by consuming more iron. Very low iron levels cause anemia, which is a condition where your blood is unable to carry sufficient oxygen to keep your body well supplied, causing constant tiredness. While consuming iron-rich foods is supposed to help remedy this in some cases, nothing works quite like slow release iron supplements, or slow Fe.

Whether it's a problem with your diet, or your body just isn't very good at absorbing iron, Slow Fe takes a high volume approach to resolving the deficiency. Because very high iron levels can be toxic, it's best to consult a doctor before taking iron supplements, especially for children.


 Melatonin for Sleep

Sleep medications are almost always habit-forming, and often leave users poorly rested the next day. Even worse, most are designed to keep you asleep for at least 8 hours. Melatonin supplements, on the other hand, mimic your body's natural sleep mechanisms by triggering sleep the same way that your body does on its own.

As a result, melatonin supplements don't have unnatural side effects and don't cause you to become addicted to them.


Vitamin D for Mood

Many Americans suffer from seasonal affective disorder, depression, and other mood related problems that are conventionally treated with antidepressants. Unfortunately, many of these symptoms don't require anti-depressants, and can be better addressed with Vitamin D. vitamin D has a strong mood-stabilizing effect, and lack of exposure to sunlight often results in vitamin D deficiencies among Americans. Unlike antidepressants, simply fixing the vitamin D deficiency has no negative side-effects and additionally resolves a significant nutrition issue.

Since it's possible to overdose on vitamin D it's best to control your dosage and talk to a doctor before giving these supplements to children. If you're currently on antidepressants you should NOT stop taking them without first consulting with your doctor.

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Keeping Medical Marketing Ethical

2/17/2016 - by Marcin Ladowski


Marketing for clients that offer medical products or services is a balancing act for marketers, since we're not health professionals, but are still expected to fluently write about these topics. 

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