New Advances in SEO

Posted: 3/29/2014
Author: Dawid Ladowski

SEO never seems to stand still. Just when you think you have figured out the key to reap the rewards of SEO treasure, Google comes out with an update to its algorithm. People spend hours on end trying techniques which they think will result in better search engine rankings and more often than not it amounts to nothing. SEO was never meant to be easy and those who took shortcuts by using questionable tactics ruined it all for everybody. The ones who worked hard on content found their pages being knocked down on search engine results by websites with “Lorem Ipsum” as their best content.

This madness was threatening Google’s hold as the preferred search engine. Users who searched for information found pages which were filled with gibberish. Google had to step in and it did to crack down on these websites. Most of them have been penalised so bad that they cannot hope to make a comeback. Google once again returned content to the throne of search engine rankings.


The downside of this though was that if you thought you could do SEO yourself by following tips and tutorials you could be led on a wild goose chase. Some websites use the modus operandi of teaching SEO techniques that do not work and once you have tried and failed they will swoop down as your personal SEO saviour and offer to help for a fee.


Miami Web Design has been the preferred SEO partner for some of the biggest and most recognisable brands in the industry. We have worked on several successful SEO campaigns and know what it takes to rank your website. We realize the importance of mobile and local searches. Even before Google launched the latest hummingbird update, Miami Web Design was helping clients feature on the top of local, international and mobile search results. After all if you own a business in New York you cannot expect to gain much if your website shows up on top of results page in New Delhi.


Miami Web Design has a standard approach which forms the fundamental of our SEO strategy. We begin by first understanding your customer. We then use quality content to engage with your customer. Some people might refer to this as luring a prospective customer in. We also focus on building a brand and offering value to your customer. We use propriety tools and techniques which have been proven to work and will work for just about any website. However we treat each SEO campaign on an individual level and gauge what would be the perfect path to take.


Miami Web Design is a complete 360 degree agency and provides services such as web development, content creation, SEO, social media and much more. This allows us to build a website which is optimized for search engine from the very beginning. SEO is something we are already good at, what we aim for is to build a brand for your business.

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New Advances in SEO

3/29/2014 - by Dawid Ladowski

SEO never seems to stand still. Google is constantly updating its algorithm.

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