Digital Marketing for 2014

Posted: 4/7/2014
Author: Marcin Ladowski

Digital marketing has been our strong point in 2013. Instead of just following the techniques used by the crowd we thought it was best to use innovation to create our own digital marketing strategies. These strategies have been very effective all year and we constantly plan for the future. 2014 we believe could be the year when TV commercials might finally stop bothering people because businesses will look elsewhere. Business is drawn to where people are and there is no doubt that today people spend more time on the internet than in front of their television. Mobile technology has changed the way we access the internet and the sales of smartphones is increasing every day. Digital Marketing can no longer be ignored. If you are new to digital marketing we have some brand new digital marketing techniques which will help your business grow.



Customers are our assets - Your current customer base is your most valuable asset. Stop unnecessarily chasing new customers and concentrate on keeping the ones you already have happy. A happy customer today can reach out to a hundred more simply by sharing your business online through social media. We have always believed in the power of one and ensure that we do everything to keep every single customer happy. These then don the hat of our digital ambassadors and spread the word to their friends, family and even strangers.


Gaming – With the launch of XBOX One and PlayStation 4 the gaming industry will witness new game launches flooding the market in 2014. These consoles are affordably priced and are interactive. Using in game advertising is the future where customers who are playing an immersive virtual game can see advertisements just like they would while walking in the real world. Games will allow customers to click on billboards or digital signboards to be instantly transported to an app or browser to make a purchase.


Amazing content – One of the basics of digital marketing which will never change is creating interesting content. Good content is what draws visitors to your website great content is what they want to share with others. Besides making it easy for visitors to share we also try to create content which is worth a like and share.


Gone Mobile – 2013 was the year when most businesses approached us to go mobile. We helped many of them build mobile responsive design websites which is compatible with just about any screen size. If you do not have a mobile ready website you can use our content management system to create a functional and creative website from scratch. Of course if you need any help we will always be there for you.


Wearable tech – Wearable tech is the future and it is already here in hands of early developers. 2014 will see a number of wearable tech devices like Google Glass and Oculus rift entering mainstream with consumer versions. We hope to be one of the first agencies to use these platforms for digital marketing. They hold amazing potential and we are on the ball already.


360 degree approach – We already use internet advertising, search engine marketing, mobile marketing,  social media and in game marketing all together as a part of our digital marketing campaign. In 2014 we plan to take it to next level with techniques which will be witnessed for the first time in the industry.


2014 is set to be another exciting chapter which we cannot wait to get to. We already have our strategies planned and it’s just a matter of deploying and learning from them. We never claimed to be perfect but we sure are quick to learn and make changes to our campaigns to extract the best from them.

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