The new K12 Education Network effectively supports teachers

Posted: 3/15/2010
Author: Mateusz Nowak
K12 Education - resources for teachers, lesson plans, model lessons, online

Innovative K-12 education website has just been launched on the Interent. It comes from Teach N’ Kids Learn, a company formed by education professional development advisors and former educators who are leveraging the online world of technology with the educational resources that rely on the knowledge of researchers and seasoned practitioners in the area of education.

The new portal combines the professional and social network attributes to instantly deliver in the most effective way instructional support and resources for teachers. The idea behind this one stop Internet place for all K12 education needs is to keep educators updated on recent education market news, educational research, successful instructional strategies, and best practices.

Here teachers can easily connect with peers and education experts to share ideas, experience and knowledge. The website has been developed with English and Spanish speakers in mind.

Benefit from the following functionalities offered by the website:

  • Educational News Monthly Spotlights - stories and issues of main importance in education.

  • Educational Resources covering various topics and areas of interest:

  • General Resources - like recommended websites, instructional templates and case studies
  • Lessons and Unit Plans - to download
  • Mini-Courses - self-paced online courses
  • Ask an Expert - professional assistance on topics and areas of your interest
  • Research Center - access to the recent educational research and trends in K-12 education

  • Community Network Focus:

  • build your online profile
  • participate in facilitated forums by content experts
  • chat with colleagues who exhibit similar areas of interest or expertise
  • direct content based on your interests


Don’t miss this great opportunity to keep fine tuning your classrom instruction, teacher knowledge and capability in order to reach your professional goals.

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