Ecommerce, Is it for you?

Posted: 8/25/2014
Author: Marcin Ladowski

Ecommerce is the use of the computer and an internet connection to setup any business which offers a product or service online. The ecommerce industry may not match traditional commerce at the moment however it is growing at a rapid pace. Those who love ecommerce prefer it because of the options available and the cost benefit involved. Customers who shop online love the convenience it offers. It is like a store which never shuts down and delivers the product to your doorstep. Those who are still sceptical feel that it is not fast enough and are a little worried about disclosing their credentials online to make a purchase.

However what promise does ecommerce hold for you? Ecommerce in the early stages required some degree of knowledge to setup. It wasn’t as easy as it is today. Today just about anybody could use a service like Miami Web Design and have a fully functional website with ecommerce module.


You do not even need a store or a warehouse to store goods. You probably won’t believe me when I say that you do not even need a significant investment today to begin your own online shop before the sun sets. If you already have a job it could serve as a second income stream. Trust me there are many people who dipped their toes thinking of it as a passive income and soon were making enough profit to quit their primary job. If you are unemployed then it’s even more reason to setup your own online store. The stigma of risk associated with a business venture has been long shaken off by ecommerce.


All you need is your computer and an internet connection. Call us and we can show you out how easy it is to setup your own ecommerce website. Most established businesses are just beginning to realize the potential of a mobile design website thus this can give you a head start.  Building a website requires few clicks and you can use stock images to upload pictures and description. It could be any product or service you wish to sell. The rarer it is the better the chances of establishing a niche and making money.


Once you have your website setup. You should concentrate on spreading the word about your store and procuring finance. The good news is that many financial institutions offer finance for small businesses and you won’t need much anyways to setup your business. You need not even worry about buying products, storage or shipment. Drop shipment is a phenomenon where suppliers will package and ship a product to your customer to fulfill your order for a fee. Thus they take care of the logistics. All you need to do is get some clicks and you can start making money.


The beauty of ecommerce is that buyers pay upfront before they receive the goods. So you have money in your account before you even package the product. Once you have a new buyer you can contact the drop shipper and pay them using the money you have received. Most of them even offer credit so all you need to do is provide a name and address. They will ship the product to your customer and you have to agree it didn’t take much effort for your first sale. Ecommerce really is easy and it doesn’t take much to go from clicks to cash. Now it is up to you to decide if you want to sit around and watch or join the revolution and cash in.

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