The Importance of Mobile Technology

Posted: 7/16/2014
Author: Marcin Ladowski

Some say Shape Shifters are just a myth and a figment of our imagination. We say that shape shifters are real and you probably are using one right now. The humble mobile phone has gone from being a phone with no wires to allowing you to use it as a GPS navigation device, gaming console, web browser and an instant messaging client. Mobile technology is fast catching up while the demand increases every single day. The question is has your business realized the potential of this technology?


Allow us the luxury of 5 minutes of your valuable time and by the end of this article you will see how important mobile technology is to us all.


PC awaits its Funeral – Many believe that we have now entered the Post PC era with the advent of mobile technology. The advantage which PC had over the last decade is slowly shrinking this includes the newly launched ultra-books. Mobile devices today can do everything a PC can and more. What can justify the use of a comparatively heavy laptop which consumes more energy and takes up more space when compared to a mobile device? Mobile phones and tablets today fit in the palm of your hand and with improvement of mobile networks you can stay connected to the internet wherever you go. Many people have already made the switch and are using their mobile devices exclusively for accessing the internet.


Big Pie for all – The mobile ecommerce industry is a big pie from which you can grab a share if you act now. If people are using their mobile devices exclusively it is apparent that they will use it for shopping too. However most businesses have followed the wait and watch approach. Being cautious is a safe approach however they are missing out on the opportunities and profits that mobile ecommerce brings. Most users find it difficult to shop using their mobile phones on websites that have not been optimized to offer mobile ecommerce platforms. The mobile ecommerce platform is expected to grow by 50% over the next year provided that businesses provide the tools necessary for customers to make purchases online.


Targeted Marketing – Mobile technology allows you to reach the right audience in your marketing efforts. Based on their location and their buying as well as surfing habits you can seek out customers who are probably looking for you. You can offer coupons to them as they pass by your store or ensure they never get lost by providing turn by turn navigation on their phone to find your business. Most people who use smartphones are young and have a disposable income. They make quick buying decisions after reading few reviews and can bring instant money into your business.


Social Media – Social media today is synonymous with the internet. Most your users use the internet predominantly to access social media websites. There is so much information which is shared using social media. If your website has a mobile responsive design with integrated social media buttons it takes just single click to get the word across. Visitors to your website who have had a good experience will share it with others and draw more customers to you. Most companies today have a dedicated social media team which works to get the company noticed online.


TV in your pocket – Video killed the radio and now mobile devices are giving television a taste of its own medicine. With websites like Netflix and Hulu users can watch movies and television shows on their mobile devices whenever and wherever they wish. Pandora and Spotify have already done a great job as internet radios. Now with traditional media being replaced by mobile devices, where do you think your resources must be invested?


Cost effective – There is no doubt that advertising on a mobile platform is a lot cheaper compared to the thousands of dollars you pay for TV and radio spots. In fact some people have demonstrated innovative ways to promote their business online by virtually spending nothing at all.

There are many more reasons why your business needs to jump on the mobile technology team as soon as possible. If you wait for too long you might just get left out. If you wish to know call us for a free consultation.

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